1.  我在x月x日下了四張訂單,而且我的信用卡也已經扣款了,但我還未收到我的商品?可否請您找一下發生什麼問題嗎?謝謝!

I've placed 4 orders on Oct 21st, and my credit card has been charged.

However, I haven't receive my order, can you find out what happened? thanks.


2. 我的其中一件衣服已經到貨,那我訂的其它衣服呢?

One of my clothes has arrived. Where are the others?


3. 我可以退貨或退款嗎?

Can I return my item for a refund of exchange?



 I have received my order and wish to return an item.


5. 可以給我的包裹追蹤碼嗎?

Can you provide tracking numbers for packages?


6. 商品抵達需要多久時間?

How long will it take for my order to arrives?



Are items dispatched together, or in separate packages?



Can I cancel a puchase?


9. 我的xx毁損了。

My CD is damaged.


10. 假使商品有問題,我可以退回xxx嗎?

 If there is a problem, can I return your XXXXX?


11. 在線上刷我的信用卡及個資安全嗎?

Is it safe to order products online using my credit card or checking imformation?


1 我要投訴        

 I would like to make a complain.

2 你們的產品很爛!我該跟誰反應。

Your clothes are terrible, who can I complain to?

3 我收到的產品有瑕疵,已寄圖片並mail給你了,而且沒人回應我,重點是這不是我要的,要怎麼退貨?  

My clothes has some terrible defects , I have taken pictures and mailed them to you, and nobody answers me. The important thing is that this isn't what I ordered . How should I return it?

4. 這是你們的過失,我不會負擔運費。   

This is your fault , I won't pay for shipping.

5. 我要全額退費,還我錢來!  

 I want a full refund. Give my money back. 








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